Mini course with excersises

Are you waiting for a text back, wondering why he didn't write you? 

  • Is he waiting for me to text him first?
  • Why does he text me then not respond?
  • If he's not interested, why does he contact me?

Your thoughts are working overtime to figure him out. 

BUT while you are spending all of this time and energy thinking about him - he is out there living his life. 

This mini-course will teach you to do the same. 

Instead of pausing your life waiting for him to text, we want you to reclaim your joy and purpose by stepping away from your phone in a situation that would normally make you pause your life. 

The course includes an easy to follow guide with two practical exercises to get you started.

Mini course with exercises

Imagine changing a smartphone habit such as not responding immediately to messages. You would probably worry about “what will others think – those who you connect with regularly. This fear factor can stop us from changing, or it encourages us to make so many compromises that we haven’t really changed our behaviour.

It's natural to worry about this as our behaviour is connected to others. Any changes we make has an impact on those we are closely connected with.

This mini-course will teach you how to deal with this fear factor, and those who might be unhappy with your behaviour changes. 

The course includes an easy to follow guide with two practical exercises to get you started.