• Improve the quality of your work by concentrating better

  • Be more efficient on tasks 

  • Achieve more in a shorter time

  • Feel less drained by the constant distractions of your smartphone

  • Find time to do other things such as sport or hobbies

  • Be more present in your family life or relationships 

Why two psychologists developed an online-program for everyday-people

We have personally experienced how addictive smartphones can be and how much of an obstacle they then become in daily life. Changing this helped us get back the ability to focus, and use our time more efficiently and simply have more time for the things we value.

Ditte Munch-Andersen and Jason Kay are qualified psychologists with four decades of experience between them in helping people to change their behaviour.                             


What's unique about this course?

This course is a world first - a dedicated online program to change your behaviour that directly address the underlying addictive aspects of smartphones. There are apps to help monitor and control your usage. But they do not directly address these underlying addictive aspects as this course does. Because if you do not, you cannot change the habit.

There are loads of tips online, many claiming to have the secret to breaking a smartphone addiction. Tips are not enough.

Successful behaviour change is always a process.

To change an addictive behaviour you need a high degree of expert guidance together with some practical tools for everyday life. This online course offers exactly that, with step-by-step guidance through this process


  • Jump start in just 3 weeks
  • Guided change process
  • Developed by psychologists
  • Permanent access
  • Money back guarantee

Getting to grips with your smartphone use means:

  • You will waste less time on your smartphone and gain hours every week 

  • You will be more focused on whatever you are doing in the moment. For example you will notice that you can concentrate on your work for longer without being distracted 

  • You will regain your free choice. This means that you become more of a smartphone user and less of a smartphone addict


Well on average, we spend between 3,5- 5 hours per day on our smartphones. Imagine you were able to cut back your usage by 2 hours per day. In a year this would translate to 30 extra days.  

For these 2 hours per day, you can keep playing mindlessly on your phone or you could use this time for something you really want to do. This could be getting into shape, or learning a language. Or simply having the time to connect with friends and family.

The choice is really yours, but it's only your free choice if you can take back control from your smartphone.

The course content: 3 week jumpstart

Module 1

  1. How addiction works - and why your previous efforts have not worked to change your habits.

  2. The secret to successfully changing your behaviour, that will get ensure that you get to your end-goal. 

  3. Valuable insights into your current smartphone usage.

  4. A psychological tool that will give you insights into your thought processes and the aha-moment you need to break free of your smartphone's pull. 

Module 2 

  1. How to customize your behaviour change by targeting the problem areas that are most relevant to you.  
  2. To plan in a way that won't overwhelm you, but still gets you to where you want to go. We teach you the method in clear, comprehensive steps.

  3. To deal with the unhelpful thought patterns that keep pushing you to pick up your phone.

  4. To tap into your motivation so that you will finally crack your smartphone addiction.

Module 3

  1. How to maintain the changes you have made. An aspect often neglected in behaviour change programs. 

  2. About willpower, and why taking care of yourself can strengthen your resolve in changing your behaviour.  

  3. How to get right back on track when you experience a setback. Everyone does at some point. You will be prepared for this. 

Each module has content input including videos and mp3 as well as pdf exercises (downloadable). 

  • Smartphone addiction

    “I Soon noticed where my problem areas were and I found it very easy to follow the instructions and make a plan to get there. It felt very manageable to get from my plans to actually changing my behaviour. What I especially liked is that it never felt heavy or hard to do the course. Even while working a full time job (and finishing my PhD)”

  • Smartphone addiction

    “I think the course is clear and easy to follow. I love that it explains theory and method in an easy and clear way ”

  • Smartphone addiction

    “The exercises made it very easy to change my phone habits. I feel I have learned so much in a very short time ”

  • Smartphone addiction

    “When I use the tools from the course I experience much more closeness with my family, I'm better able to concentrate at work, and I sleep much better. ”

  • Smartphone addiction

    “I love how easy it is to translate my goals into concrete new behaviour around my phone”



We have a 30 day money back guarantee.

We know that the course works, but for it to work, you have to invest the time and use it. If, after you finish the last module, you feel that the course hasn't helped you change your smartphone behaviour, we will refund your purchase. 

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Introductory offer of 171,5 Euro


171,5 Euro

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◦ 3-week comprehensive online program

◦ Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

◦ Developed and run by psychologists

◦ Permanent access to all content

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