Brain Drain?

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Amazing word, isn’t it? It turns out that most of us bring our own little Brain Drain to the table every day - our smartphones. 

With all the amazing things our phones can do for us it comes with a cognitive cost. 

Studies suggest that having your phone nearby when you are working will occupy scarce cognitive resources - in other words, distract you. This is the case even when you feel that you are concentrating well, or turn your phone off. 

What can we learn from these studies? 

If you want to turn your full attention towards work, then you better leave your phone in another room.

Yes, I know the thought is daunting! But turning it off and leaving it in your bag nearby will still distract you more than leaving it further away from your desk. 

Another conclusion; the more addicted to your phone - the more it will distract you if close by. 

Does leaving your phone in another room for an hour sound impossible? 

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