The expectations you set

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“People get annoyed if I don’t answer their text right away.”

Maybe you can recognise this scenario in your life as well? 

With colleagues, or family, or friends? 

The thing you should know is, that when others expect you to answer texts right away, the expectation of an immediate answer is often something you taught them. 

When I look at my own life. 

I have people, of whom I expect a quick reply from my text message. While with some I can easily wait a day or two before I hear from them.

The funny thing is. When I feel annoyed about waiting too long. It is often more about what I expected. Not about how long I actually had to wait. 

In other words, we notice when someone breaks a pattern.

  • If you usually answer within 2 minutes, and you suddenly wait one hour- then this pattern change can be interpreted negatively.
  • On the other hand, if you change this and people around you get used to you answering when you have the time, but usually within 2-3 hours. Then over time, they will no longer take it personally as long as your response time is within your usual 2-3 hours.

So be honest with yourself - If you have people in your life that expect you to always answer within 15 minutes and it annoys you

Who taught them to expect that from you and what will you do about it? 


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