What chocolate can teach us about Smartphone usage

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If you love chocolate you will know what I'm talking about. If not, then you can just replace chocolate with the food or snack you crave. 

Many chocoholics will tend to switch between eating too much chocolate - and deciding to lay off chocolate altogether.  The reasoning being that this is just TOO delicious and if you start eating you won't be able to control how much you eat. 

It can sound like the easy option is to just stop eating chocolate. 

But let's be honest here! When have you ever not had chocolate for a longer period? And could you even imagine not having chocolate for the rest of your life? 

The consequence is that most people who try this strategy oscillate like a pendulum between eating too much or laying off, and then eating too much again, etc. 

The problem it would seem is that they never learned to eat a little - and save the rest for later. 

Thereby having the best of both worlds - enjoying chocolate for the pleasure, without feeling bad.

jump to smartphone usage. 

It is really not that different from chocolate. 

Our phones have a huge pull on us, and often we tend to either get sucked in and spend far too much time on our phones - or thinking that what we really need is a dumb-phone and a digital detox. 

But, like chocolate. Why not learn to control your consumption- instead of going through ongoing phases of either too much- or not at all? 

Our intention is to help you learn to use your phone for both the pleasure - and for all that it can do for you. While still being in control of what, when and how much.

We teach you how to get the best of both here =>

best Ditte


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