What is the opposite of smartphone addiction?

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What is the opposite of smartphone addiction?


Freedom to choose, amongst other choices, to use your phone or not.

  • Freedom is not about NOT feeling the pull to pick up your phone. 
  • Freedom doesn't mean having to throw away your phone either.

It means making a decision, intentionally how to use it, and not as an automatic habit.

A key to this freedom, and taking back control, is understanding what triggers you to become psychologically dependent on your phone. With this knowledge, you can begin reconditioning your behaviour. 

With this reconditioning comes the feeling of liberation. Liberated because you can choose when you use it. It then becomes your Free choice

Personally knowing this about what triggers me and having the experience of changing my behaviour doesn't make me bullet-proof, but it does make me more resilient to the pull of my smartphone. 

Be smart. Be free 

Learn how to do this 


Regards,  Jason 


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