"I did it myself". Why self-efficacy matters


Imagine you were able to change your smartphone behaviour - change it in the way that you were happy with. In a way where you keep using your smartphone, just that you are now in control.

Imagine feeling satisfied in the knowledge that you did all this - yourself. Of course, with some help from our online program - but ultimately you did it yourself. How would that feel? It would probably feel good. Maybe even really good.

Here’s why.

Self-efficacy is the confidence or belief in your abilities to succeed in a given situation or process. A number of studies over the last 20 years have found a strong correlation between self-efficacy and people’s success in changing their lifestyle behaviour – exercising regularly or eating healthier. Put simply, the more confident people were in their abilities to change their own behaviour, the more likely they were to achieve their intended goals. This is a good feeling.

You won’t only feel good about what you have achieved.

The more success you have in changing your behaviour, the more confident you will be in taking on new behavioural challenges in the future. Why? Because you feel that you have mastered a change in your life. This feeling of mastery supports your self-efficacy. 

It’s worth mentioning that all participants of the self-efficacy studies were given some form of guidance in changing their behaviour. They didn’t just come up with the program themselves. Our program can help you change your behaviour, and gives you the guidance you need. To be successful.

Take that step. Do it yourself. For yourself. That “little help” or guidance you can find here.




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