Don't follow your heart

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Don't follow your heart. Well not when it comes to your smartphone,

What kind of relationship do you have with your smartphone?

It’s almost as if it were an important person in our lives. It comes everywhere with us.

It can connect us, comfort us. It knows a lot about us.

It's a lot like a relationship.

👉 But is it a balanced relationship?

👉 Does it do what is best for you?

👉 Or does it just want you to want it?

Of course the smartphone is not a person but it’s fascinating to see what an intimate relationship we have built up with this device. And yes, it is a one-sided relationship. So in that sense it is wise not to follow your heart because you could be misled.

Smartphones and their apps are designed to draw in and keep our attention. And often at the cost of being focused, or being present, even with friends and family.

I plan on keeping and using my smartphone on a daily basis it’s just that I want to have a better relationship with it. This means not following my heart, but rather following my head more - consciously choosing how I use it.

In order to learn how to follow your head more have a look at our online course.

 Regards, Jason


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