Do you suffer from attention residue?


Most of us multitask our way through work. Jumping from meeting to meeting - task to task. 

But if you want to be efficient this could be a problem.

Because even though the meeting has officially ended and you are off to do something else, the meeting still lingers in your awareness as attention residue. Its as if you are still filing away the information from the previous meeting. In essence, this takes away from your ability to focus fully on your next task. 

This has less impact if you have 2 longer meetings in a day.  But imagine that you start the day with a long to-do list and many meetings, tasks, etc. 

– Now add your smartphone to that.

You already have attention residue from shifting between tasks. But imagine that you also read texts, check social media, and read the news during your workday. 

Now the amount of attention residue is enormous. Leaving you with a distracted attention span and therefore less sharp than you could be.

Want to feel sharp during the day? 

Then you need to minimize the amount of attention residue. 

One way of doing that is by building in mini breaks - in between meetings. Another way is using your phone more consciously. Choosing when you have the time and headspace to be distracted

This is not easy. We know from experience. 

That’s why we created the “Crack your smartphone-addiction” course. 

I want help learning how to focus again

Best Ditte


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