How I learned to reach my goals

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If you have read "Deep Work" by Cal Newport you are most likely interested in learning how to work in a more focused way.

In fact what Newport concludes is that the core abilities we need to succeed today is:

1. The ability to learn complex things

2. The ability to produce both fast and in top quality.

The way we do this, Newport concludes, is by being fully concentrated. 

I love this idea- and I do feel so strongly about it. But I also remember a time where, as much as I liked the idea, I simply couldn't focus for more than a few minutes at a time.

My smartphone addiction stood in the way of working fully concentrated. Even though I didn't keep it close by, my thoughts would drift to it and disturb my concentration. Leaving me with very short periods of "Deep work"

For me, tips on how to use your phone less simply weren't enough.  

Jason and I created the "Crack your smartphone-addiction course" for this reason. We too wanted to find a solution that worked. 

Do you dream of doing deep work, but know that your phone usage is an obstacle? 

Then "Crack your smartphone-addiction" is for you.

You can read about the course here

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