Want to get more work done?


You probably feel that you are less effective on days where you are constantly interrupted by phone calls or texts. 

But even if you don’t use your phone at work, spending a lot of time on your smartphone outside of work will affect your ability to focus.

Spending hours everyday surfing different apps, answering texts teaches your brain that if it feels the least bit bored it should seek something new and interesting instead of staying on task. 

This means that what you do outside of work affects how well you focus at work. 

  • Have you taught your brain to jump at the first sight of something boring? 
  • Or have you taught it to stay on task and get things done? 

If you like to be more focused at work - you might need to work on what you do when you're not at work. 

We will teach how to make smarter smartphone-choices 

The introductory offer of 99 euros ends November 1.

Regain your focus

Best Ditte and Jason


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