Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference?

Between these two.

One is a multipurpose tool and the other one is an addictive device.

I have a few Swiss army knives, because they are such versatile tools. Whenever I need to slice an apple, tighten a loose screw or even pull a splinter out of my finger I reach for them. This knife is in my office.

But I don’t carry them everywhere with me.

My smartphone on the other hand comes everywhere with me. It’s also a pretty versatile tool. The problem is I don’t only reach for it when I need it. I reach for it automatically without even thinking, or I lose myself in time flipping through social media, news, share prices etc. This is the big difference for me.

It takes effort and awareness to work on this, to see and use it as a tool.

Imagine if you could turn this addictive thing into a versatile tool, that you could reach for when you need it, and not just on impulse….

Our online course can help make your smartphone into the Swiss army knife of modern life. Just without being so addictive.

I want to learn how!

Regards, Jason


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