Attention please!

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Attention please!

ladies and gentlemen. That’s what your smartphone says to you, isn’t it? Mine does that. It’s not always loud, but it’s very convincing.

Last week my screen time stats told me I used my phone for 28 hours. About five hours was for navigating and listening to music so pretty much running in the background. That means 23 hours my phone had my attention in the week. Was it worth it, giving it all my attention?

Well there’s two sides to this. I think where I consciously chose to use it because I needed some information, or to share something then yes. I also spent some time on social media which I think was worth it. Related to work, mostly 😊.

Where was it not worth it? This was where I was absentmindedly flipping through different apps on my smartphone. I was just killing time. And the funny thing was, I was not paying attention to anything else, but I also wasn’t really concentrating on what I was doing.

Given my experience with smartphone addiction and the knowledge I have means I can catch this quite quickly. Usually it starts with awareness. Awareness of how much time and attention goes where.

With our online course you will gain insights and awareness of just how much your smartphone takes your attention, and how to get it back.

You can regain your attention with the online course.

Regards, Jason 


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