The cost of ignoring your phone


We all know focusing on a task is something we do actively. But did you know that ignoring distractions while working on that task is also an active process?

This could be ignoring your phone's notifications. It could even be just the thought of your smartphone that keeps distracting you. The act of ignoring these distractions is something your brain is doing actively. 

Or simply put, the more distractions that your brain needs to mute, the less attention span is left to do the job at hand — thereby taking away from your ability to focus on your job. 

For many of us, this means one of two common results. 

  1. We spend too much time on each task. It drags out because we are not fully present. 
  2. We get the job done, but had we been able to focus, the quality would have improved. 

One thing is muting your smartphone notifications, but what about your internal notifications in the form of “uh, I wonder if Steven wrote”? 

Imagine if your attention was more focussed on the task, how would that feel? It takes practice and some new tools to minimize these internal distractions. This is what we teach you how to do in the online course “Crack your smartphone addiction.” 

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Best Jason and Ditte

Best Jason and Ditte


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