Why curiosity might be killing your productivity


Did you know that the need for new knowledge is driven by the same reward system that drove our ancestors to forage for food in winter? 

Knowledge really is that important for us humans, the more you know the better. 

But with smartphones and all the knowledge so readily available all the time, are we still optimizing? Are the most curious amongst us still the smartest? 

Or are we living in a time where being the most curious no longer puts you ahead of the game, but simply makes you the most distracted? 

As humans we have accomplished so much because we have this tendency to seek new knowledge. But the level of accomplishment also has to do with the ability to transform our knowledge into action. This means focussing and seeing through the task at hand.

Here we see a tendency for the worse - where the balance is slipping towards distraction. 

If you are constantly distracted by your smartphone and the drive for new information and ideas, then you will not produce as much as you are hoping for. 

This is why most people need to learn how to work against this inborn tendency to value new information over concentrating on the task at hand. Simply because there is so much new information at hand. 

We will teach you how to break the addiction to the constant interruptions of your smartphone in the online course “Crack your smartphone addiction.”

It will demand some concentrating on your part, but it is new knowledge (and we know how much you appreciate that )

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Best Jason and Ditte


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