Stressed out?


I remember when smartphones first came out. Before they did my patients most often suffered from anxiety or depression. Within a year, most of them complained that they felt stressed out. This was my observation. Not surprising. How could we not feel stressed out by suddenly adding hours of daily screentime to an already full schedule? 

If you look through your phone statistics, it will show you exactly how much time you spent last week on your phone - and on what. You know what, you could be sitting on a goldmine – of time. 

All the time you now use on your phone isn't "free" it takes away from other things - after all, we only have 24 hours in a day.  The question is what gives way? 

  • Sleep
  • Work
  • Play
  • Time with others

For myself, when I look through the list, I want them all. 

But to have them all is not possible. Something has to give. For me, this was some of the hours I spent daily on my smartphone messaging, or scrolling social media.  I still love texting friends and family or scrolling Instagram. But I do it a lot less. Because I realised that it is not "Free" - it was stressing me out by taking up too much time and mental space. 

Maybe it's taking time from what is most important to you too? 

If so, you can read about our online program here, it is designed to help you regain the ability to put down your phone and focus on all the things that you value (more). 

You will hear more from us soon!

Best, Ditte


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