What’s love got to do with it


Have you ever been so absorbed in your smartphone that you didn’t really listen when your loved ones talked to you?

In that case, you might even recognise the look in their eyes when they realise that you have heard absolutely nothing of the very important story they just finished telling you. 

This is what smartphone addiction does to you, and your family life. 

It takes away your focus- and your ability to be truly present with the ones that matter the most to you.

To be fair if we look around us, we see smartphones all around. It’s understandable that spending a lot of time on your phone feel like the “new normal”. But really it is a set of new habits that we as communities have only implemented over the last 10 years. 

We didn’t know how it would affect us when we bought our first smartphone - and we couldn’t have imagined how it would affect our closest relationships. 

Of course, this lack of focus doesn’t matter if it happens only once in a while. But if this occurs daily, you will over time miss out on the closeness you could have had with the most important person(s) in your life. 

Smartphone addiction affects almost all of us - we know from our own experience how hard it can be to put down the phone and focus.

That’s why we have created an online course that will teach you to be focused on what matters most to you while still having the benefits of a smartphone. We believe in learning to co-exist with our smartphones. But most of us need to learn how to do this sustainably. 


Best Ditte and Jason 


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