How this course came about

A couple of years ago, while having lunch together, we spoke about the funny and sometimes very honest things children say. We both realised that we had experiences of our own kids saying; "Hey you are not really here", because we were so busy with our smartphones.

This forced us to rethink how we used our phones because of the direct feedback we received from our children.

Being a psychologist doesn’t mean you are immune to problematic behaviour, but it certainly helps when trying to change behavioural habits.

We decided to change this. The more we dived into the subject the more we noticed just how much of an issue it is for many people -  many who don't even realise they are addicted to their smartphones. In short we saw a big need.

Drawing on our psychological knowledge we began working on our own behaviour. Seeing what a significant impact this had on our own quality of life inspired us to put our heads together and set up an online course.

About Ditte and Jason 

Both Ditte and Jason share a background in clinical psychology , each with over twenty years of experience helping people to change their personal and work habits.  In addition they have almost a decade of experience between them in offering online courses. This means that they have made all the beginner's mistakes- for running a course online is not just about converting a format - it is a new way of engaging and guiding people. Jason and Ditte are based in Berlin, Germany.

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Ditte has a strong background in using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in treating addictive behaviour. Her approach helps her clients take back control over the addiction, and learn to co-exist with daily addictive challenges. Ditte qualified as a psychologist in her native Denmark.

She is registered in Germany as a psychologist with the German governing body (BDP)

When Ditte started using her phone less, she regained her ability to focus. She now enjoys more productivity at work and more closeness with her family, because she is less distracted by her smartphone. 

Jason is internationally experienced in facilitating behavioural change. In this regard he has lead workshops in 22 countries worldwide. Jason qualified as a psychologist in his native South Africa, after which he worked in the UK for a number of years, before moving to Germany.

He is registered in Germany as a psychologist with the German governing body (BDP) and in the UK as a chartered psychologist (a fellow) with the British Psychological Society. 

After getting his smartphone use under control Jason found that his attention wasn't being drawn to his phone all the time, leaving him feeling much more relaxed. 

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