• Be more efficient on tasks

  • Achieve more in a shorter time

  • Improve the quality of your work by concentrating better

  • Feel less drained by the constant distractions of your smartphone

  • Time to do other things such as sport or hobbies

  • Be more present in your family life or relationships 

Even when you have a very strong sense of where you want to end up, you often don't get there because something keeps getting in the way. You know you can do your tasks better but keep wasting time on something else or keep getting distracted. 

It's noticeable that nowadays it's often the smartphone that is the obstacle.

You want to achieve these goals, but it means using your smartphone less or in a different way. Sounds easy? If you have ever tried to use your smartphone less than you normally do you will know how hard it is.

In fact most people don't succeed on their own. There is a reason for this. There is a whole industry designing smartphone apps to be highly addictive. 

Another reason is many people don't realise how they use their phones. Not functionally, but rather how much people rely psychologically on them. Do you know? When you are feeling bored or upset about something, do you automatically reach for your phone?

You can take back the power and learn to be in charge of your attention again. Then your smartphone will not stand in the way to achieve your goals.

We believe in freedom of choice to choose, intentionally and not just automatically, how we use our phones.

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We created this online program to help you do exactly that - to achieve your goals without your smartphone being an obstacle.

We are two psychologists, Ditte Munch-Andersen and Jason Kay, who decided to do something about the dominance of the smartphone in our lives.

  • Smartphone addiction

    “I Soon noticed where my problem areas were and I found it very easy to follow the instructions and make a plan to get there. It felt very manageable to get from my plans to actually changing my behaviour. What I especially liked is that it never felt heavy or hard to do the course. Even while working a full time job (and finishing my PhD)”

  • Smartphone addiction

    “I think the course is clear and easy to follow. I love that it explains theory and method in an easy and clear way ”

  • Smartphone addiction

    “The exercises made it very easy to change my phone habits. I feel I have learned so much in a very short time ”

  • Smartphone addiction

    “When I use the tools from the course I experience much more closeness with my family, I'm better able to concentrate at work, and I sleep much better. ”

  • Smartphone addiction

    “I love how easy it is to translate my goals into concrete new behaviour around my phone”

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